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Monday, April 26, 2021

Of Wedding Shoots and Pets Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our 3-part series regarding weddings and pets! 

(Link to part 1: Of Weddings Shoots & Pets Part 1)

This time we interviewed a photographer & prenup venue owner who has both a cat and a dog. Woot woot! He is Mr. Marco Constantino. Photo below shows a prenup with both of his pets.

First question I asked Marco revolved around why he has both. (Side note: I have 10 dogs, 2 indoor cats, and 4 outdoor cats.)

Marco’s response: “It reflects daw sa character ng may-ari if cat or dog owner siya, it doesn’t matter naman... Basta you know how to deal with both and love both”. I agree. Cats and dogs have different ways of communicating their love and of being willing to receiving affection. 

So how do you deal with cats and dogs during prenups? 

Marco: Most cats, hindi madaling magtiwala. Dogs naman, may mga mas friendly. Mas mahirap magpa-pose ng cats. Kailangan mag effort. I bring my own treats. In wedding shoots and even prenups, if there are friendly strays, I include them in the shots.

You have your own cat and dog and they live in Casa Foliage with you. Do they join other couples during prenups? 

Marco: They welcome couples and other photographers during prenups. (For safety purposes though, Marco has a place for them beyond the prenup area of Casa Foliage. And yes, I asked, you may bring your pet if you’re having your prenup there. Do inform Marco ahead of time though. Photo below shows a couple with their own dog at casa foliage. 

What tips can you give those who want to include their pets in their prenups or wedding shoots? 

  1. There should be a handler who can take care of the pets when the owners are having their shoot. 
  2. Bring treats, water, and toys. 

  3. Have diapers on hand to avoid accidents.  (Additional note: bring poop bags & wipes as well)
  4. Include them in one part of the prenup (one look) then let them rest. 
  5. If you are including your pet, your pet must be ok with people so it doesn’t accidentally scratch you because it is spooked out by the number of people in the shoot. 
  6. Bring a lint roller. (Additional note: the one I got in SNR recently — in the pet section — seems to be better than all others I have tried. Yes, I really chose the photo with a husky for this tip. Husky owners would know. Well, cat owners, too.
  7. Send your pegs so the shoot can be discussed and things can be considered realistically. Example: a dog without training may not be able to do the poses you will see on Pinterest. 
  8. Train your dog or cat prior to the shoot. (Marco gives pointers because he also studied how to handle cats and dogs.) 
  9. Animals can sense if the humans in front of them like them or not. So good idea to get suppliers who are animal lovers, too. 

Thank you, Marco, for being nice to strays and for all these tips that cat and dog parents can use to help them with their upcoming shoots. 

If you’d like to know more about Marco, the photographer, or Marco, the prenup venue owner, pls check out these links:

All photos above are from Marco Constantino :)

Watch out for part 3 :)

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