Perfect 10 Weddings

Friday, March 12, 2010

What makes a person truly beautiful?

          A wedding is a momentous occasion -- a moment when family and friends gather to witness the much awaited walk down the aisle. It's a time when parents of both the bride and groom mingle with guests, especially the godparents -- after all, they will work together to guide the newlyweds down the path of wedded bliss. 

          Ours is a society that puts much premium on parents and relatives; thus, the typical walk down the aisle includes the mother not just the father of the bride. The walk of the groom includes both parents -- 
symbolic of how they are offering their son to God and his bride. 

          But what if the bride walks alone with her dad -- not by choice but by circumstance? 

          What if the mother has chosen to go so that her daughter and caretaker would have a life of her own beyond the confines of the hospital and their home? 

          The daughter must find a way to tell people about how beautiful her mother is -- not only because she was once a beauty queen, but because she literally gave up her life so that her daughter could have her own. 

(And how does a daughter avoid crying while the tribute AVP plays during the reception? The daughter must make the video ahead of time and watch it often enough so that she can shed buckets days prior to the wedding... and during the reception, the daughter must avoid looking at the video wall... just so she can still smile and thank the guests for coming to celebrate with them.) 


  1. this is very beautiful, sis darlene. i can only imagine how painful it was to create this video but i can tell that it's definitely a beautiful way of showing everyone that your mother dear was with you on your wedding. you love your mother deeply. no doubt about it... the video is made me cry, too because it's full of love and emotion. Godbless you and your family.

  2. thank you, sis... it really made me cry buckets, but at least, i was able to express what i really wanted to say about my mom, and our guests (who didn't really get to know her) got a glimpse of who she was... and what she did to make our wedding possible. :)