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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your trust, our promise... :) - Parts 1 and 2

            A wedding is a momentous occasion full of joy and emotions. It's a once-in-a-lifetime walk down a holy aisle. Much effort, time, and resources are invested to ensure seamless execution. We're here to make sure every couple has the perfect 10 wedding.

            We feel that the best way to start the perfect 10 preparations for the perfect 10 wedding is to consider every client a friend. (Pasensiya na po at feeling close kami, but really, we feel strongly about this... we made friends with our suppliers when we were preparing for the wedding, and we feel that it is because of this personal connection that they went the extra mile for us. Look at my designer, he truly went the extra, extra mile for he was the one who helped me with my train from the hotel to the church to the photo-op after the ceremony.)

From Perfect 10 Weddings
            Thank you to all our friends who have invested their trust in us... we promise to give all of you perfect 10 weddings.

Manila Cathedral and Manila Hotel will not only have old world charm, they will have your particular trademark, J and P. From the ceremony to the cocktails to the actual reception, your guests won't even notice they're waiting for you to finish your picture-taking session by the bay.

North Forbes Pavilion will undergo transformations because of your creative preferences, K and J, and F and R. We'll make sure your personalities shine through so guests who have been there will wonder if they've really been to NFP before... because it looks and feels so different this time.

Bamboo Organ will not just be a historical church, and Citadella will not just be a modern venue for you, M and I. Your guests will feel your warmth and cheer through us, as we guide them from the mass to the reception. :)

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral and The Glass Garden will be resplendent because of you J and P.  We'll make sure you'll be able to utilize the beauty of both venues without breaking the bank, so to speak.

Mt. Carmel and Fr. Horan Hall will have their own particular appeal, despite all restrictions, because you, A and C, decided to book both venues. We'll do our best to help you style it so that your guests won't miss the drapes.

C and C, don't worry, we will help you find the best possible venues for your dream wedding. We'll be with you every step of the way.

             Please continue telling us about your love stories... these will give us ideas on how to personalize your ceremony and reception. Those who asked us to emcee their reception... you can be assured that we'd have more than enough for creating the program because you've also been open about sharing your special moments with us.

             Once again, thank you for the trust you invested in us. We feel so blessed to have found new friends in all of you. :)

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