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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why do we need extra lights for our reception venue?

          That was a question I asked over and over... before I actually agreed to get a lights and sounds supplier. I felt lights were an unnecessary expense, because getting lights and sounds meant getting a genset as well since Blue Leaf, despite its really expensive rental fee, doesn't have enough electricity for its clients, especially if all three pavilions are being used at the same time. Ours was a Monday wedding, so no other clients were around; however, we still needed to get a genset.

         My then fiance convinced me to get his longtime supplier and I agreed, only because I knew he wanted it, not because I was thoroughly sure we needed so many lights. 

         I realized how important lights are to a venue when I saw our wedding pictures... :) Blue Leaf's Banyan Pavilion with its plain walls and minimalist - designed ceiling became a theatre. People who saw the pictures were thoroughly impressed. The lights were magical -- we had a theatre atmosphere when we needed it... thanks to Mar Tan. :)
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  1. thanks for sharing sis, i was actually wondering if we need separate lights and sounds supplier. your post enlightened me. sana makahanap kami ng quality yet affordable one. initially kc, we didn't consider this when we were setting up our budget. really have to work on this. thanks sis! =)

  2. you're welcome... :) will bring more pictures for sharing during our session on March 21. we got Mar Tan, coz he's a veteran. we didn't really need to give him a lot of instructions. we just told him the effect we wanted, and he gave us so much more. :)