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Monday, May 3, 2021

Achieving Maximum Guest Participation during Your Wedding Live Stream

 Ed and Cha experienced 4 ceremony venue changes and 3 reception venue changes. But those did not stop them from having a really heartfelt and fun wedding day a few months ago. Check out the photos of Myio Okamoto Photography (grabbed the one below from him, too).

To date, I think theirs was the wedding with the most participation from zoom guests — at least among those I emceed. 

How did they do it? 

1. They delegated. The maid of honor couldn’t make it, so she was in charge of managing things remotely. She was the one handling our live + virtual trivia game, too. Oh and she also gave a message via zoom. 

2. The best man was also helping to manage things virtually. They had a padlet for guests to leave messages and they had virtual games so they could be kept busy while the bride and groom had their post nup. 

3. They sent food to their guests so these guests could celebrate with them. 

4. Because they had a lot of virtual guests, the maid of honor and best man set up rooms via zoom so group pictures could be more intimate. It simulated the usual group photos done during meal time since only those who knew each other were in the rooms for photos. 

5. The couple had time to interact with virtual guests per room because it was sit down service with several courses for the guests who were physically present, so they had to wait for each course to be served. And yes, they were not a huge number. All were close to the couple so even if our reception length was a bit long, no one left. 

Personally, it also helped that: 

1. The connection was stable. Live streaming service for this day was handled by Hello & Co. Cinema — also their videographer that day. They had a separate team for it. Hilton Manila has a good location with stable signal. 

2. They had a great big screen that was vivid so we could really see the guests and how they were reacting. Their LED wall was from Metrotech Projector. 

3. We had good sound & lighting support from Nine2one Pro Lights and Sounds. No song out of place. All of the virtual guests who were asked to speak were heard properly. 

4. The coord team made sure things would be seamless. Good job Kiss The Girl Events. 

5. We spent time planning every detail of the program. Love that Ed and Cha kept me (their emcee) in the loop the whole time. So it helped me get to know them and be comfortable with them as I emceed their program 🙂 

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