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Friday, May 7, 2021

Gallery by Chele, A Great Intimate Wedding Venue

What makes Gallery by Chele a great intimate wedding venue? 

1) it’s a restaurant — most of the community quarantine declarations give restaurants the chance to operate, albeit at a limited capacity 

2) it’s in BGC so there are several churches that are pretty close by including Santuario de San Antonio, Magallanes/ St. Alphonsus, St. Michael, Nuestra Senora de Gracia, Sacred Heart, and Trinity (Christian Church). My couple in photo below with my coord team after the reception had their ceremony in Magallanes Church. 

3) it has an outdoor area so it’s perfect for those who would rather dine al fresco since it has been deemed safer (this area can double up as ceremony area also) 

Sorry failed to take a photo of the outdoor area but it has lots of fans, it’s L-shaped, and it has several tables. Here’s our photo (hubby and I) at their al fresco area.

4) it has great food that people can’t really have in other restaurants or with other caterers since the menu has been carefully curated & every bite has several ingredients & flavors. Below is the menu card of one of their tasting menus. The collage has some of the food items served. Yup, there are 9 items there are there are still others we were able to taste that aren’t in the collage. 

The kare kare in one bite was surprising. It came to us looking like balls on top of a bowl with pebbles. It also had a bagoong mayo dip which complimented the beef inside the ball & made the taste different yet still one that I could relate to — because of course, who eats kare kare without bagoong, right? 

The salad is memorable and perfect for al fresco dining. It had a pineapple dressing which was so refreshing. 

During the appetizer/bites part of the service, we had 2 seafood items — Uni crisp and the ube taco — then they served this yogurt with berries, honey, and other great stuff. It served to cleanse the palate and prepare for the next onslaught of savory items including the unique takoyaki and the chori burger which I would want 10 of. Haha! 

The mains were octopus that was made with inasal chicken marinade — so it’s something that’s not common yet common as well. The iberico with bokchoy and the tenderloin with swamp cabbage were filling but not enough to make you feel bad and stuffed.

Midway, we had this great charcuterie board. I loved how dense their bread slices were, and the different stuff we could eat with the bread — chorizo, duck, pastrami, pate, jam, mackerel, & picked veggies. 

I know you’re thinking ... why isnt she talking about dessert? Here goes. We had a mango pavlova — perfect for a summer evening and my request, the bibingka cheesecake. Love that they served it as though they were really cooking with coals. 

Oh I just need to post about the chicharon which accompanied the iberico... so light and airy... we got the taste of chicharon without the difficulty of biting and chewing. It was the same great and surprising texture as well when we ate the sliver of chicken skin on the inasal octopus and the vegetables accompanying the mains. Melt in your mouth goodness ❤️

Filipinos need rice, you say? Say no more. They had adobo rice to accompany the tenderloin adobo :) 

Ok I know your mouth is watering... but back to the point of the article, why is gallery by chele a great intimate wedding venue... :) 

5) it has a smaller room which can be booked for the retouch and mini meal of the bride and groom prior to the beginning of the reception program 

Bonus reason: they do sit down service so guests don’t need to stand up and line up with people they hardly know just to get food from the buffet. They can enjoy the program and their meal together. 

An envelope for your mask :)

Their bites/appetizer/cocktail time plate — took a quick photo before they served. 

So if you’re looking for a venue that can also provide a great food experience, check out Gallery by Chele. And if you need an efficient coordinator and/or a classy yet lively emcee, talk to me :) 

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