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Thursday, May 6, 2021

What are the groom’s details?

Groom’s have stuff to bring, too. In fact, prior to the wedding, I would advise grooms to go to the mall and fit barongs (2 different collars) and suits, so they can assess which one matches their body structure and skin tone. Then they can confidently book a supplier for their desired attire (suit, tux, or suit barong), and they can also designate what everyone else in the entourage should wear. 

Days leading up to the wedding, the groom should complete his details for the shoot during preps of the wedding day. 

Here are the usual details. Please note that boutonnieres are for suits and tuxedoes. A barong should not have a boutonniere. In case the coordinator doesn’t know where to pin, pls remember it should be on your lapel, not the pocket. 

There you go, you’re all set. Spare the bride the task of packing because you can do it on your own. :) 

Looking for a coordinator/planner or an emcee, talk to me — :)

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