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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letting Guests Know You Care

How do the bride and groom communicate that they have the best intentions for their guests?

a) They get a good stylist so that the guests have a feast for the eyes upon entering the venue. (See the two bottom pictures, styling courtesy of Love in Bloom)

b) They prepare a carving station complete with various sauces and bread so the cocktails would be heavy enough to sustain guests while they are waiting for dinner.

c) They also prepare a sweet and savory buffet of treats to keep guests busy during cocktail time. (Even at the end of the programme the buffet still had treats that guests could take home.)

d) They choose to have two drink options during cocktails -- lemonade and iced tea -- complete with paper straws that matched their motif.

e) They hire two photobooths so that the lines would not be long -- considering the number of guests they had (more than 300).

f) They prepare games that guests would truly enjoy, the first of which was a themed poses challenge.

Guests had tent cards on their tables stating the actual scenarios they needed to recreate as tableaux in front. (I think it was also a challenge for the couple since they prepared 30+ scenarios and they even made a powerpoint of all the table scenarios/themes so that the rest would know what scenario is being shown and if they ought to get ready because they are next.)

I am so happy to note that all the guests -- young and old -- participated in this challenge. This means though that couples really need to assess their guests before thinking of games. And indeed, it truly pays off in the end when couples provide food during cocktails, because guests are easier to deal with when their stomachs aren't grumbling. :)

g) They decide on having a quick singles game by way of what I call, "The Damsel in Distress Challenge". We all had a good laugh here because one of the boys ended up running away with the shoe of the girl he was supposed to save... yup, he ended up holding on to the shoe long after he should have helped the girl wear it. And when we discovered where the shoe went... he was greeted with cheers and loud laughter.

It's always gratifying for brides and grooms when the programme ends with a hall that still has a lot of guests. This reception was no exception. It really is important to invite guests who care enough to stay and to think of programme elements they would all appreciate so that staying would not be a difficult decision.

Thank you, Doty (and JP) for the note you sent after the wedding. I truly, truly appreciate it. :)

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