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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you, dear couple! :)

Che and Aldwin wanted a simple, elegant, and Christian reception... :) Most of their guests stayed till the end of the programme to personally wish them well. This was really heartwarming -- a scene that can't be staged, a scene that only come from guests who truly love the bride and groom. :)

Loved it that I got to see my past couple, Rafferty and Kathy, again. Rafferty had everyone in stitches as he walked ever so slowly & gingerly to Kathy while all the boys were already getting their fill of cake. All the boys were blindfolded and only Rafferty was careful enough not to hit anyone as he walked towards the sound of Kathy's voice... :)

I received this from Che yesterday -- yup, on their first monthsary! Let's all wish them well... :)

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  1. Always refreshing to get these messages from couples. You deserve it, Darlene! You were always keen to provide quality service, and have an eye for details. :D

    Hope to work with you soon! :)