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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you, Dette and Geoff!

Dette contacted me first when she was looking for an emcee. I informed her right away that I was already booked on her date. However, after a few days, she contacted me to ask if it would be possible for me to help her with the AVPs she wanted for her big day.

She sent me close to 300 pictures! :)

So I suggested that we divide them into four AVPs, just so we won't go over 5 minutes for each one. We had (1) a game AVP to be used during cocktail hour; (2) a tribute AVP for family and friends; (3) a growing-up AVP, and (4) a love story AVP since they sent me bullet points regarding how they met and fell in love. Glad Dette went with the idea of dividing the pictures into 4 AVPs -- especially since she needed to buy prizes for the table that would win the cocktail game.

Sharing here the love story AVP as well as the message I got from Dette when she received the DVD of AVPs. :)

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