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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tatak BKS

BKS refers to Boy Kastner Santos, the #1 Supplier of Weddings at Work for the year 2011.

However to most, he is the indefatigable, witty, artistic, and lovable Tito Boy -- the person they run to when they need gowns and suits, the one who will never let them down. I personally got to know how he would do anything to help a fellow supplier whose client is in dire need. Thank you again, Tito Boy. I don't think our groom would ever forget how you pulled through for him when his original designer could not produce his suit a few days before his wedding. 
picture grabbed with permission from Abby's FB page
I first encountered Tito Boy through his entourage dresses in March 2011. Abby was a meticulous bride -- she knew what she wanted and Tito boy was able to measure up to her standards. I also saw how the ento ladies enjoyed their gowns and how they were made even more glamorous by the dresses. Look at the picture on the right. See what I mean?

Soon after this event, I started telling my brides about Tito Boy -- way before I personally met him. In fact, I was scared the first time I called him. Haha! But he was very accommodating so the feeling of being intimidated was gone before we finished our conversation.

Aside from seeing his talent and his creations, I think brides (and grooms, and parents, and entourage) go for Tito Boy because he's very friendly, frank, and down-to-earth. He will tell them at the onset if the design does not match their body structures. In the same vein, he will also recommend what matches their personalities and body types. Check out this creations below. (He has more pictures in his FB page. These are just a few samples.) 

note: all pictures grabbed with permission from Tito Boy's FB page

He definitely has this charisma that draws people to him. Maybe because he's very open about himself, brides and grooms are also willing to open up to him about their budgets, fears, and dilemmas.

There are even times he acts like a coordinator -- recommending possible suppliers and personally calling them for the couples he's meeting with. That's just one of the ways by which he goes the extra mile for his clients.

So what is "Tatak BKS"? It's difficult to sum up what it means in a few words, but let me try: immense creativity + a big heart = Tatak BKS

Photos taken at Maja's Home Cafe -- yup, we were there on opening day.
Tito Boy's idea of supporting Maja in her new venture... :) 
PS: Tatak BKS will not be complete without... Charie, Tito Boy's beautiful and organized niece... :) 

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