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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun, Fun Chinese - Filipino Wedding Part 2

Because I was asked to emcee back-to-back Filipino-Chinese Weddings in Century Seafood last May 26 and 27, I have a part 2.

Alvin and Kristel, May 27, 2013, Century Seafood:

Alvin and Kristel didn't want the usual Chinese wedding. Rather, they wanted to offer their more than 600 guests something more attuned to their personalities. It was really nice of them to add me up on Facebook long before we met for the programme. Their posts and pictures showed me how close they are to their families, and how fun-loving and cheerful they are. :)

They sent me their workbook before we met -- almost complete with all the details they wanted. Because they filled out what's needed, I was able to prepare for the meeting and ensure that I'd have ready suggestions to further spice up the programme. It helped that they got Thoffy as their coordinator, since he is always up for a challenge. :)

Here are some tips/notes I gathered from the reception: 

1) The onsite photo slideshow becomes more entertaining if you have a good photographer and of course, a bride and groom who are willing to do a variety of poses :) Have cute details as well, like the bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere from {etc} handmade goodness. I believe the rest of the bouquets and boutonnieres (fresh ones) came from Vatel Manila. :)

Check out the link below :)

Onsite Photo Slideshow by Ryan Ortega

my own picture of the {etc} bouquet

2) The OBB (or the AVP shown right before the grand entrance) should set the tone for the grand entrance -- the "i-Dawn Zulueta" moment right before the OBB ended truly caused everyone to cheer and have huge smiles on their faces    -- perfect for the entrance of the bride and groom! :)

3) Gather entourage members who care enough about the bride and groom's vision to really dance with them -- despite being shy and all. Check out how the bride and groom executed their "grand entrance to ento dance segment". So glad that Derek and his team captured the major points of the dance really well... :)

SDE by Derek Yee

4) If you will have poppers, make sure you do your dip and kiss well. I'm sure you saw how Alvin and Kristel pulled that off in the SDE link above. You may also check out the screen shots from the said SDE :)

Yes, it also helps a lot to decorate both stages so that there's a backdrop wherever you are positioned during the programme. :)

5) Surprise everyone, by having a singles game complete with single boys who need to strut their stuff. (will update as soon as I get a picture)

6) Pull off an even bigger surprise by being one of few Chinese grooms who can dance to the tune of Teach Me How To Dougie before getting the garter! (will update as soon as I get a picture)

7) Have giveways on the table serve as centerpieces as well... that way, by the time the waiter brings out the food, part of the table is cleared away already. Guests usually take their share of the giveaways once the waiters' parade starts. (This also helps to lessen possible obstructions during pictorials. If there's no obstruction like really tall centerpieces, pictorials go faster, and we all know faster pictorials would ensure more tables visited within the specified time frame.)

It was so cute that Alvin's mom approached me over dinner to tell me that I should remind people to bring home their candy crush souvenirs... :)

8) If you want a tall cake but you also want to share it with everyone, follow the idea of the picture below. :)  

 9) If there are so many guests, get a photobooth supplier as well as a roving photo man who can take pictures of those who would rather not line-up for their turn at the booth. At the same time, the photo man can capture stills of the couple's friends and relatives as they are posing in front of the designed photo nook. :)
styling of the venue was c/o amante fleurs
10) Even if your venue has been used for other weddings, don't worry too much! Have a concept and get a stylist who can execute your concept. Look at this picture taken from the FB page of Alvin. Compare it with the couple's area picture in Part 1. Nothing about both pics will tell you that both events happened in the same venue. That's the magic of hands-on couples who get stylists to make their ideas come alive! :)

Tip: If you have tall VIP centerpieces, get two screens so that guests on both sides of the ballroom have an equal (unobscured) view of the AVPs. Thanks, Metrotech for allowing me to use your picture. :) 
notice the tall centerpiece near the date? in this picture you will see the screen on the left,
but there is another one on the right -- the couple truly made sure everyone
will be able to see their AVPs without needing to stand or strain their necks
There's still a part 3... watch out for it... :) 


  1. Thanks a lot darlene!!! Hope the tips here can help other future wedding couples.. :)

  2. Didn't really think about these things until we read this post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing :)