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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thematic Weddings

Some couples choose to have thematic weddings. While doing so will definitely require a certain budget, styling does let guests know that you truly prepared for your wedding and you'd like them to stay till party time. 

Here are some pictures from the weddings I had last May 24 and 25. Joseph and Christel made sure One Esplanade would channel their theme, contemporary southern in sweet summer tones.  On the other hand, Kiko and Ninay transported guests not just to Glass Garden, but to Bali, Indonesia with the decor they chose to provide. 

May 24, 2013, One Esplanade, Joseph and Christel's Big Day: They had a save-the-date AVP from Wang which we used as their OBB prior to their grand entrance amidst entourage and friends holding sparklers. Their trivia game went down the wire with competitive friends and relatives. Oh! And they also had a fireworks display right after the program... Talk about giving their guests a real treat from start to end! 
K by Cunanan's set-up of the couple's area
 definitely had a southern vibe to it. 
The couple made sure their guests would have something to talk about after locating their tables
since each table had its own framed quotation about love and life. Of course the guests also
appreciated having flowers to bring home after the programme. 
Joy San Gabriel's cake and toppers symbolized Joseph and Christel's professions
as well as the southern, laid-back theme. I am so sure the couple enjoyed their
cake-cutting ceremony because they got forkfuls of not just any cake, but a JSG cake! 

May 25, 2013, Glass Garden, Kiko and Ninay's Reception: Heartfelt yet entertaining messages from the parents, best man, and maid of honor; a really sweet family dance; a funny singles' game involving shoes, clothespins, and kisses; prizes for those with the most creative photobooth pose, and an ipad mini raffle -- what more can you ask for? (Oh! They didn't do their grand entrance with the usual background music, too! They recorded their vows and played it as they went from the door to the couple's area. Talk about getting around the church's "no personal vows" rule.) 

The couple's table certainly spoke of the theme.
Look at the add-on decor!  
Hearts and Bells cake for the Bali-themed wedding of Ninay and Kiko

K by Cunanan's tables not only had different flower arrangements,
they also had postcards of places -- not just table numbers and names. 
Aside from showcasing their theme, Ninay and Kiko also prepared placards
of themselves for the table vs table trivia game. Guests definitely enjoyed
raising the cards in response to the questions.   

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