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Monday, June 17, 2013

Of Sweets and Intimate Weddings

Details are easily shared with everyone when couples opt to have intimate weddings. Look at how Tina and Marlon shared lots of sweetness with their guests.

They had a board stating the names and specific table numbers on the left. But they also had chocolates with name flags serving as placeholders for all guests.

Guests could take the ferrero, bring it to their tables upstairs and mark the seats they'd like to take later on when they finally sit down. You see, the photobooth and the message cards were one floor lower than the reception pavilion. Thus, most of them opted to go down upon "marking their territories" upstairs. :) 

Midway through the cocktail period, we opened their Something Sweet Candy Buffet. It was my suggestion to cover it and open it only after the pictorials carried out by the official photographer upon the arrival of the bride and groom. Something Sweet is the latest baby of my former bride Len Alapide, together with her former coordinator, Jac. Len was also the one who recommended me to her friend, Tina. Thanks so much, Len :)
Thanks for sending this picture, Len. :)
The newlyweds with the owners of Something Sweet. :)
Picture grabbed from Len's FB wall. :)
grabbed from Len's FB wall

Marlon and Tina's wedding was so intimate that they actually got principal sponsors who knew them well and loved them enough to dance upon entering the pavilion. I'm sure Kath of TOE got anxious during the briefing as she reminded the godparents that they would be dancing to the tune of "Gangnam Style" but they all obliged and danced with big smiles on their faces! The entourage did not want to be outdone; thus, they also did their own steps. Of course, when Tina and Marlon entered, they also had surprises up their sleeve -- even to the point of wearing shades during their dance ala "Gentleman". :) I can truly say that for this wedding, my effort to edit the mp3s really went a long way! :) 

The photo below came from Rule of Thirds by JR Salonga. Thanks for sending, JR. :)
This was a weekday wedding, but note that we still had a full pavilion by the time we ended the programme. Why? Well, having an intimate wedding limits your guest list to the ones who know you very well and consider you special eneough to finish the program. Definitely we also did not dare test their patience as well since we respected their time and executed a fast-paced programme. The execution of the programme details was done together with Tina's cousin who also sang beautifully to end the dinner part and re-start the programme. :)

Even the games were executed quickly -- we had "name that tune" which everyone enjoyed till the point we were giving answers and getting mixed reactions from members of each table. We also had a game prior to the garter ceremony which the girls enjoyed because they didn't need to do much. Hehe! The boys, in contrast, sweated it out and tried to shoot the ball as fast as they could to avoid having to do the consequence. The moral of the story? Don't take too long in trying to fasten the hoop... that might just be the signal that you'll end up dancing prior to the garter ceremony later on. :)
This guy gets A for effort and persistence... :) 
Thank you again, JR Salonga, for sending these pics. :)
Check out the AVPs below: their on-site photo slideshow from Rule of Thirds and their same day edit from Zoombox. Kudos to the two teams for finishing their AVPs on time, no need to lengthen the programme and stall just to wait for the AVPs to be ready. Love it! :)

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