Perfect 10 Weddings

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank you, Aeson and Jean; Alvin and Kristel! :)

Couples usually experience the height of stress on days leading up, so when they can actually take time to prepare gifts for their suppliers, these tokens of thoughtfulness are truly more than appreciated. :)

Thank you, Jean and Aeson! :)

Thank you, Alvin and Kristel :) 

Alvin even had time to take a picture of our run through
prior to the start of the programme :)  

P.S. Because of these back-to-back weddings with pink as motif, I now have two coral pink long gowns -- one with a strap on the left and the other a strap on the right. I was supposed to buy the lighter shade of pink for one of the days, but I was advised against it. I was told I "disappeared" when I tried on the light pink gown. Haha! :)

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