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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Because it's Father's Day...

Let me give your dads (and granddads) ideas on how they can be of help to you on your big day. Mind you, these ideas actually came from the dads we had in past weddings... :)

grabbed with permission from Myla's
FB album
a) Have your daughter/the bride fasten your boutonniere. (That way, as the original daddy said while facing the p/v teams... "more airtime with his daughter". Their wedding day, by the way, was 2011's father's day.)

b) Choreograph a lively dance with your daughter. Guests will truly cheer because it's not something they expect to see during the father - daughter dance segment. (Take it from the dad who danced to the tune of "Gentleman" with his daughter.)

And if you're the lolo but you dance better than the dad, by all means, we invite you to bring the house down like this lolo who danced "Moves like Jagger" with the bride, his granddaughter!

c) Sing for your daughter (or son). (This dad did everything for his son who was getting married. He was hands on during preps, and he even sang during the reception. At the end of the day, he asked me to write on the cheques for suppliers because he was so tired.) (We also had a dad who prepared two song numbers which the guests lapped up with gusto.)

d) Help during preps -- like this dad who knew exactly where his daughter kept all the items we needed for endorsement.

e) Cook for everyone during preps. We felt that it would be too tiring for him, but this dad insisted. So yes, he made everyone happy as they ate lunch prior to having pictorials.

f) Prepare your speech well -- a mix of serious messages and funny anecdotes. That way, everyone would be awake all throughout your speech.

g) Help during the line-up. This dad, who also happened to be a General, had his comrades as godparents -- all high ranking officials as well. Because he dutifully lined up as I called out to him in the church, all the rest followed suit. That was the easiest and fastest line-up ever and it happened in a big cathedral, mind you.

h) Gamely pose for pictures during preps, after ceremony, and of course, during the reception. There will be a lot of pictures and footage to take, so Daddies would do well to exercise their jaws prior to the big day.

i) Listen very well when the coordinator is giving instructions re: where to stop when you walk down the aisle. That way, your wives don't need to pull you back because you're walking straight to the altar when you should have stopped early on.

j) Prepare for the big day by making sure you have everything you need including a pair of shoes that fit well. :)

P.S. In case your daddy has gone ahead, he can still make his presence felt. We feel that the big butterfly that flew around our couple as they were about to sign their contract inside an airconditioned church could have only been the bride's dad giving his sign of approval. We also had another experience wherein we experienced slight drizzling for around 5 seconds after the priest declared the groom and bride, "man and wife". This was at a garden ceremony, and before everyone could open their souvenir umbrellas, there were no drops of rain anymore. Whew!

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