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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun, Fun Chinese - Filipino Wedding Part 1

How does one achieve a not-so-formal yet still classy Chinese - Filipino wedding reception program?

Aeson and Jean were so diligent in filling out the emceeing workbook I sent them -- they really filled it out, asked questions, and sent in their ideas before our meeting. Thus, when we did meet, we already had a framework and we all knew what we could bring to the table to further improve the programme on paper. They were truly a joy to work with! :)

Aeson and Jean, May 26, 2013, Century Seafood:

1) Shy entourage? No problem... if you have a little brother who can dance with the ento as they come in by pairs. Check out this video clip of Jean's cute little brother leading the entourage dances. He tirelessly repeated the steps for each pair! And what's more, this part was totally unplanned! He was just requested by the entourage to dance with them and he obliged right away... :) Thank you, Daniel Lei Studios, for sending this clip... :)

2) You want the perfect first dance and the perfect dip? Choreograph the dance and let go of your inhibitions. Check out the perfect presentation of the perfect dip in this link:  SDE by Daniel Lei Studios

3) You want everyone to know your theme? Showcase it through the couple's area. Look at this picture from Jean and Aeson's wedding -- taken from Jean's FB wall. I'm sure you also saw the thematic arch at the entrance through the video clip in number 1. :)

4) Ask couples to do a creative couple pose and provide a prize for the best pose. Look at the pictures below and how the couples were motivated to really have creative poses! Thank you, Jean, for sending the pictures taken by Blacktie Project. :)

5) Choose couples who will be competitive. That way, your couples' game will surely be fun and entertaining for everyone. Look at this picture of the game, "damsel-in-distress basketball version". Thanks again to Jean for sending this Blacktie picture. :)

Note: Before the entourage entrance, one guy asked me if I remembered him... because he was part of the singles game the previous day, May 25 wedding. He didn't win there; thus, he was not asked to do the consequence. This time though, with his girlfriend, he managed to win the prize. The magic question of his girlfriend: Sino'ng partner mo kahapon? (Of course, we explained that the game before was a singles game. Haha!)
Picture taken by Blacktie Project, Sent in by Jean :)

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