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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Great Thing about "Getting Married"

When I first read "Getting Married" written on a contract, I got excited. After all, it meant that I would be working with none other than Ms. Kutchie Zaldarriaga whom I only hear of and admire from a distance.

Since I was able to exchange Facebook messages with her, I knew it would be her Team 2 on the day; however, I still had goosebumps as I made my way to the venue -- perhaps, it's also because I'd be hosting the wedding reception of the sister-in-law of one of the icons of wedding videography, Mr. Bob Nicolas. (Needless to say, the videos that day perfectly blended poignant moments with cheer-and-laughter-inducing scenes. :)

This year, I had another chance to work with Ms. Kutchie's team 2. The difference? Ms. Kutchie had the chance to visit us because the venues of her weddings that day were literally less than 5 minutes away from each other. When I saw her prior to the start of the programme, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety! But since Ms. Kutchie is so nice and ma-kuwento, I felt more at ease by the time I got the go signal to start the program.

What's so great about the "Getting Married" team? Let me tell you about my personal experience with them.

1) One is assigned to do a run through of the program -- including changes and names of proxies. She  approached me even before I could seek her out.
2) Said person is also assigned to assist the emcee all throughout the program -- so emcee doesn't need to look for, scan the audience, and cringe at how far the coord is when she needs to ask if the Onsite is ready, if the game paraphernalia box is nearby, etc.
3) Oh! No need to ask the coord also if the Onsite is ready. She will give you a timely update about it -- whether to lengthen a segment or just stick to the regular flow because everything is on schedule.
4) There is always someone at the sound area so music gets played according to couple's specifications. This relaxes me because I don't need to worry about the tech getting mixed up and playing the wrong songs.
5) There is also someone in charge of the projector tech, so videos are played on cue.

Actually, the list of positive points is endless... But ultimately, I really am thankful for the warmth they all exude -- even if we just met in the venue. I think, this is because they see how Ms. Kutchie deals with people -- always with a cheerful smile, always inclusive. I guess with her status, I expected someone who would not have the time of day for a newbie like me. It's the opposite and now I know why all her couples and fellow suppliers love her.

Thank you again, Ms. Kutchie! You are such a great role model! :)

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